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Accord LMS is moving… to Amazon Web Services.
Since the earliest days of the Accord LMS we’ve been committed to providing a safe and secure server environment which meets the performance needs of our clients. After more than a decade, we’ve decided that it’s time to move. This article will explain what the move to Amazon Web Services means for you.
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What a year it has been!

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What a year it has been!
As we glide towards the 2021 finish line, the Accord team looks over their shoulder for a moment before setting their gaze steadfastly on the future. We're so happy that you've joined us on this journey.
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Weekly Migration Webinars Announced
The Accord LMS Migration presentation and Q&A webinars have been scheduled. Use the link within this article to schedule your session.
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Accord LMS – Moving to Version 2021.02
Accord LMS v2021.02 was released on August 30th. This new version offers a completely new user experience along with an attractive tile-based Learner Template. This article will answer anticipated questions about the process that Accord’s migration team will be using to move all our clients to the newest version of the Accord LMS.
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Curricula – Extended Training Programs in Accord
The word curriculum (pl. curricula) refers to the lessons and academic content taught thru a specific course or program. In the Accord LMS, curricula can take many forms. At it’s most basic, a single course can contain several separate Learning Elements containing content, quizzes, etc. Larger amounts of training content can be organized in multiple Learning Paths and learner flow can be controlled with prerequisite settings and Learning Roles. This article reviews some of the tools currently available to guide learners through their assigned curricula.
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IMPORTANT: Accord to Release v.2021.02
After more than a year of development and countless hours of consultation with existing clients and design experts, Accord is prepared to release the newest version of it’s powerful Learning Management System. Version 2021.02 offers a completely new Learner View as well as a refactored administrative experience. Early reports from clients confirm that 2021.02 offers the same great feature set with an easier, faster, and more intuitive user interface.
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How to Find Free Assets for Your Learning Content
The Accord LMS will soon release an updated version that makes it even easier to create attractive course displays. This article explores various free and affordable ways to obtain graphical and audio assets for your learning projects, including course Thumbnail images for an attractive learner course library.
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Your Invitation to a Behind the Scenes Tour
Accord will be replacing its monthly webinars with weekly preview sessions throughout May and into June. This article describes these sessions and how you can influence future development of the Accord Learning Management System. Don’t miss your chance to get a sneak peek at what is coming your way.
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Important News for Accord Clients
Accord designers and software developers have been quietly working on a significant update to the Accord LMS. This article will briefly introduce readers to aspects of the new design while providing a timeline for this upcoming release. Our existing Accord LMS clients will receive instructions for scheduling a more in-depth preview session with our Director of Product Development.
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Business to Business Training with the Accord LMS
This month we’ll be exploring a hidden feature which enables the Accord LMS to support external training in a new way. Remote SCO allows an organization which creates SCORM learning content to share their content with customers when using the customer’s own LMS. This feature allows content publishers to distribute their courses while still maintaining control of the content, and also managing the user count and time frame licensing for each customer organization.
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Business to Business Training with Accord
Wednesday, 17 Mar 2021 at 11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Eastern
In this session, Rick will demonstrate how to use the Accord LMS to provide B2B training content using the Remote SCO feature. Learn how you can share your SCORM content with third party LMS users without the content ever leaving your control. Your customers will be able to upload the Remote SCO file just like any other SCORM content while you keep the content on your Accord LMS where you can control licensing and access. Your customers will be able to assign, manage, and report on the content through their own Accord or 3rd party LMS.
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Adding a Storefront to the Accord LMS
Online learning has been growing steadily for decades. As a result of the global pandemic, this steady increase has grown exponentially in the past year. Despite unprecedented economic difficulties eCommerce sales in 2020 have seen a healthy 32.4% year over year increase while brick and mortar retail sales are expected to have dropped more than 3% YoY. This article examines a number of options available for Accord LMS clients who would like to monetize their content and take advantage of the profitable intersection between eCommerce and Online learning.
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How to Add a Shopping Cart to the Accord LMS
Wednesday, 17 Feb 2021 at 11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Eastern
In this session, Rick will demonstrate how to use the Accord LMS to sell B2C training content. We'll review what types of content can be sold as well as discussing best practices for preparing your content and storefront to work seamlessly together. At the conclusion of this session, participants should have a general understanding of the essential features of the Accord LMS Storefront and how to apply them.
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Accord LMS Support:  Tips for the Best Customer Experience
The Accord LMS Support Team consistently receives five star ratings from satisfied customers.  It is their mission and their passion to provide world class support to each of our clients. This article provides helpful tips to ensure that our customers have an enjoyable and efficient relationship with their Accord Support Team.
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Understanding Learner Attempt Tracking
Wednesday, 18 Nov 2020 at 11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Eastern
In this demo, Matt will cover how the Accord LMS tracks learner activity in the form of an "Attempt". He will cover various attempt types, such as Folder, LE, Completed, Best, etc. and show you how to focus your Accord site to the types of attempt data that are most important for your specific needs. This is an advanced Accord LMS topic and targeted towards LMS Admins who are comfortable with the primary Catalog, Teams, Roles and Reporting features, but everyone is welcome to attend.
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