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Accord LMS – Moving to Version 2021.02

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Accord LMS – Moving to Version 2021.02

Accord LMS v2021.02 was released on August 30th.  This new version offers a completely new user experience along with an attractive tile-based Learner Template.  This article will answer anticipated questions about the process that Accord’s migration team will be using to move all our clients to the newest version of the Accord LMS.


What Will be Changing?

Version 2021.02 offers a completely new administrative experience.  So far, clients who have used the new administrative tools have found them easier, faster, and a smooth transition from the current system.  Accord is also providing a series of new templates which will provide Learners with and attractive new tiled course view.

If you haven’t seen the new system, this two-minute video will give you a sense of what’s coming.


"The updated interface has exceeded my expectations when it comes to speed and accessibility as well as providing a more aesthetically pleasing and cleaner look on the end user side... The overall feel and look of both the administrative and end user interfaces has been a positive experience for myself and my colleagues." 

 - K. Dempsey, LMS Administrator, 15,000 Learners


When Will I Receive the Upgrade?

Version 2021.02 is not just an upgrade of the previous software.  The entire administrative module has been rewritten from the ground up using state of the art technology.  As a result, we will no longer be able to support new development on prior versions of the Accord LMS. All new updates and changes will only be developed within the new software platform.  Since we have plenty of great new features coming in 2022, we want to get everyone on the new version as soon as possible.
Realistically, it will take time.  Our goal is to migrate all existing clients to the new platform by the end of 2021.  That is an aggressive goal, but with the help of our clients we hope to achieve it.


Upgrade Groups

To facilitate an orderly migration, the Accord Migration Team has divided our clients up into “boarding groups”.  When we are ready to start working with your group you will receive an email with a request to review the migration tools and complete an online migration request form.  


Am I Limited to My Upgrade Group?

No!  We’ve tried to spread out our clients to avoid overwhelming our migration team at any given time, but we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule if we can.  Please speak to your Solutions Engineer if you’d like to target a specific date range for your upgrade.


What Happens Once I’ve Scheduled My Upgrade?

About three days before your scheduled upgrade, the Accord LMS Migration Team will start updating modules in the background of your system.  This process includes upgrades to the Accord LMS, a new DNN skin, and possibly updates to existing support modules.  On the morning of your scheduled upgrade the Accord team will install the new LMS at approximately 6:00am Eastern Standard Time.  Later that day you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your solutions engineer for a quick tour and a chance to answer any last-minute questions.


Will I Lose Any Data?

This upgrade does not affect LMS data in any way.  Your data will be unaffected. We always have access to our nightly 12:00am backups for emergency data recovery issues, but we don’t expect to use them as part of this process.  


Accord LMS 2021 - The Migration Toolkit


It’s beyond the scope of this article to describe every detail of the migration or the software itself.  To provide additional information, we’ve prepared a Migration Toolkit as part of our Accord LMS 2021 Learning Path.  This Learning Path includes three courses with the following content.

LMS Migration Toolkit

  • Migration Overview – 6:45 PowerPoint presentation *
  • Migration Preparation – 7:24 Video presentation *
  • Migration Request Form – Google Form needed to schedule and facilitate the upgrade *
  • Making the Most of the Tiled User Interface – 8:15 Video tutorial
  • How to Find Images for your Tiles – Blog Post Link

*Please complete these three items at your earliest opportunity after getting access.  All other material can be reviewed at your leisure.


Accord LMS 20201 – First Look

  • Accord LMS v2021.02 – Introduction – 2:00 Video Presentation
  • LMS Overview – 6:40 Video Tutorial
  • What’s New in 2021 – Visual Comparison with previous versions


Accord LMS 2021 – Tutorials

This course contains tutorials and quick Reference Sheets for the Catalog, Teams, Roles admin tools.  A link to new documentation articles has been included for further study as needed. 


How do I get the Migration Toolkit?

You will need an access code which will be sent to your organization with the email inviting you to schedule your migration or you can contact your solutions engineer for immediate access.


Once you have your Access Code, please visit The Accord Academy training site.

  • If you do not have a user account on this site, enter your access code during registration.  
  • If you do have an account, enter your access code at the bottom of your My Courses page.  

In both cases, you’ll be provided access to the Accord LMS 2021 Learning Path.


What About Self-Hosted Clients?

Accord is in the process of developing a set of instructions for our self-hosted clients that will help guide them through the migration process on their own DNN servers.  Since the new version requires a custom skin, we may need to work closely with some self-hosted clients to identify customizations which require some mitigation.  It is strongly recommended that self-hosted clients install the upgrades in a sandbox environment prior to their production upgrade.


What Are My Next Steps?

Be on the lookout for an email containing your access code for the Accord Academy.  When it arrives, please follow the instructions in the first three items in the LMS Migration Toolkit.  We’ll work on scheduling your move and scheduling time with your Solutions Engineer.  You might want to attend one of our upcoming Wednesday Afternoon Webinars.  Signups will be available in a separate blog post.

If you are eager to get started before you’ve received your email or would like to get more information on scheduling, please feel free to contact your Solutions Engineer for guidance.  


In Conclusion

This upgrade will provide immediate benefits to Accord LMS clients by improving both the Learner and Administrative experience.  Furthermore, this upgrade sets the stage for significant development work in 2022 and beyond.  Out of an abundance of caution we have, perhaps, provided more information than strictly necessary to facilitate this update.  Our goal is to make the transition to this new version as smooth  as possible for our LMS Admins and their Learners.  If you have any questions about your upgrade, please don’t hesitate to contact your Accord Solutions Engineer or support@accordlms.com.

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