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User Testing for SCO Problems

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Unexpected Results?

If you have trouble uploading your SCO (shareable content object) to the Accord LMS or if the SCO has problems when playing then please follow these directions.

There are many different types of SCO authoring tools - each with many different output options.   Most SCO problems that clients experience are due to non-SCORM compliant authoring tools or improperly configured output options. Due to the number of authoring tools and possible output configurations, our support team simply does not have the time to trouble shoot all SCO problems. 

Test Track

If clients do experience unexpected results with their SCO, we ask them to first confirm that their SCO are running trouble free at an industry standard testing site - www.Scorm.com. Sign up for a free test account, load your SCO and run it.  The test account will provide complete status and error reporting for your SCORM e-learning problems.

If errors are reported, then double check your SCO publishing configurations and try to get the SCO to run successfully at Scorm.com.  If the SCO still reports errors then you will need to contact the authoring tool vendor to resolve the problem.

Still have Problems?

If the SCO loads, launches, runs and reports without any issues at Scorm.com, but continues to present problems in the Accord LMS, then send the SCO to support@accordlms.com and our Support Team will investigate further.  Please include the name of the authoring tool and the version so we can better assist you with your SCORM e-learning problems.

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