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Automated Bulk Import

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Bulk Learner Import can now be automated via FTP file drop. Learn about bulk data importing for the Accord learning management system below. 

Automatic FTP Import

Learners along with their training assignments can be exported from an HRIS system to a CSV file and then FTPed to the Accord LMS server. A scheduled Accord LMS service will look for the CSV file in the FTP folder.  If a CSV import file is found, the Accord will automatically open the file and import the Learners and their training assignments according to specific mapping rules provided by a Bulk Learner Import Definition.  A detailed import report can be emailed to an administrator of your choice.



Bulk Learner Import - Definitions

First you will need to acquire a CSV file exported from your HRIS system to use as a Definition template. Please refer to the Bulk Import / HRIS Support blog for detailed instructions on how to use the CSV template to create a Bulk Data Import Definition.

When you are ready to save your Definition, Allow Automatic Import and then provide an email address to receive Automatic Import Reports if desired.





Bulk Learner Import – FTP & Reports

Once the Import Definition is saved, you can start to use the automatic FTP import feature.  From the Bulk Learner Import – FTP & Reports UI you will find the FTP directory to deposit your CSV file.  You will also find the Allowable FTP Import file names corresponding to the Import Definitions.  Any of these files will automatically be imported on the Schedule shown.  Import reports will be emailed, if an email address was provided in the definition.  In addition, a Report for each import will be kept online for the specified Storage Duration.

Once the Accord LMS system picks up a CSV file in the FTP directory, all of the Learners and their assigned training will be automatically imported as detailed in the Definition.  Learning Roles can be added or dropped for each Learner, Access codes can be submitted and Learners can be dropped as well.





Single Sign On

If desired, the Interzoic Single Sign On module can be used to provide seamless log on from any remote server based on the Learner information provided in the CSV file. Read our Single Sign-On Tips article to learn more.



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