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Executable application modules are available for self hosted clients. Please contact sales for login credentials.

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The Accord LMS is a full featured Enterprise Learning Management System which manages complete and personalized learning experiences for employees, partners and customers in a secure and scalable environment.

Accord LMS – Free SaaS Trial

Our SaaS model is hosted on Amazon’s powerful and secure Web Services platform which is managed by Accord’s expert server maintenance team.  Schedule a product demonstration to learn about this model and secure a free evaluation server.  If you like what you see, and we think you will, then we’ll provision a no obligation full version of the Accord LMS for your evaluation.   

Accord LMS – Free Download

Clients who wish to install the Accord LMS on their own server can download a free Trial License from this site.  Clients must have their own DNN Platform and Web Server.  The LMS modules Download is available on this page after registering and logging in.  We strongly recommend discussing your project with an Accord Solutions Specialist before beginning your evaluation.

The same LMS application download package can be used for Free Trial (on localhost only), Temporary and Commercial installations.   When you're ready to download the LMS Modules for installation on your own server, please Register and Login.

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