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PDF Templates / Certificates of Completion

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PDF Templates

allow you to create high quality and high resolution PDF documents for announcements, course ware and certificates. Now you can place form fields in the PDF certificate template and our web-based LMS will dynamically replace the fields with DNN and LMS token values. Apply any font specifications you want. Nearly 100 different tokens are supported. You can even pull in token values from another “Referenced” Learning Events, such as a score from a quiz.

Use any PDF authoring tool, such as Cute PDF Pro, that supports dynamic form fields.  In the example we created below there are three form fields: [Learner:FullName], [LE:FolderName] and [DateTime:Now|d MMMM yyyy].

When you create a new Learning Event select the Event Source: PDF Template option. Upload your PDF template; select the Learning Event Type and tracking if you want. That’s all.

When the LMS Learner opens the Certificate from their My Plan, the Accord will dynamically fill in all the form fields with the appropriate information.


The example course completion certificate template (PDF), shown above, and the source Word doc can be downloaded from the Resource Files section at the bottom of the Accord LMS Documentation page.



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