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Your Invitation to a Behind the Scenes Tour

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Your Invitation to a Behind the Scenes Tour

Accord will be replacing its monthly webinars with weekly preview sessions throughout May and into June.  This article describes these sessions and how you can influence future development of the Accord Learning Management System.  Don’t miss your chance to get a sneak peek at what is coming your way.



Word is Getting Around

Last month we unveiled the fact that there is a new version of the Accord LMS to be released in a few months.  Since that announcement, we have been holding weekly client preview sessions with Accord’s Director of Product Development.  These sessions introduce customers to the exciting changes coming with the new version and offering the opportunity to weigh-in on what functionality should be prioritized for future development.




Small Group Sessions

The preview sessions are not large webinars with everyone but the host muted.  Each session takes about an hour.  We are trying to limit the number of participants to a small enough group to be somewhat conversational.  Everyone is encouraged to keep an open mic and webcam, if available.
The session will include a short presentation offering some background on the new project and preparing everyone for the live tour. The behind the scenes tour consists of live demonstrations of each of the following.

  • Catalog
  • Roles
  • Teams
  • Learner Template.

After the Live demonstration Participants will be presented with several potential development projects.  
The session covers a lot during the scheduled presentation time.  The Host will remain after the formal presentation has concluded, if desired, for more leisurely conversation or Q&A.  Participants will be sent two surveys to solicit their input on both the upcoming release and prioritization of future projects.

How Has the Reaction been?

In a word, excellent.  The new design of the Administrative Module has been getting high marks across the board.  Most features are receiving scores in the 9-10 (out of 10) range.  We’d like to hear what you have to say about it.






Get your Invitation

Each Session is limited in the number of participants.  Please contact your Sales Team and let them know that you would like to attend.  Your sales team will check the schedule and confirm the date with you before registering you for an available session.  We hope you’ll join us and share your opinions on the work we are just completing and projects we are contemplating for the future.




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