Channel Learning

Educate, certify and empower your partners throughout the sales channel to be successful ambassadors of your brand.

Give your Dealers, Distributors and Affiliates the Tools for Success.

Keep your channel partners in sync with your brand, your products, and your message with Accord LMS sales channel training. The Accord LMS offers more than just online courses. The Accord enterprise e-learning platform software delivers your targeted learning, important documents, sales tools, case studies, promotional messages, webinars, training videos and more to everyone in your sales channel.

Learning management for all types of channels.



Provide learning content on products, policies and procedures. New product roll out education, special offers and promotional materials. Scalable low-cost system can grow to any size.


Launch new products knowing that your vendors are up to speed. Insure OSHA and regulatory compliance training. Centrally manage learning content for specific groups of vendors or customers.


Deliver consistent learning content and exams to remote resellers. New product and sales education targeted to specific regions or languages. Access from any device at any time.

If you have extended enterprise training initiatives with your channel or customers, then you should be including the Accord LMS in the vendor mix.

 John Leh,  CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, LLC

Spread across geography and time zones?

Here are three ways your team can gain an edge with the Accord learning management system (LMS).


Roll out a new Product

Deliver a complete roll-out package including Live Events, Real Time Webinars, Online Courses, Downloadable Sales Collateral , Product Documents, Product Certification and more.

Integrated Messaging

Deliver channel partners the news and events in real-time through Accord’s integrated notification system. Rally distributors for training whenever needed, so they outsell the competition.

Rapid-fire Reporting

Pull up reports showing exactly what channel partners know and when they learned it. Slice data by sales territory to link training with sales goals.

Channel Learning Case Studies

Case Study

Company: HIMSA

Industry: Healthcare / Education

Learning: Compliance / Channel

# of Learners: 1,000

Challenge: HIMSA wanted to train and certify technical staff for a global network of distributors. The system needed to integrate with their other services.

Case Study

Company: Wisconsin Hospitality Group, LLC

Industry: Franchise / Hospitality

Learning: Employee / Channel

# of Learners: 5,000

Challenge: Onboarding 4,800+ new hires a year required substantial time and money.  WHG needed a cost effective e-learning system integrated with their existing branded sites.

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Experience the ease and agility of the Accord LMS.