Employee Learning

Provide your employees a learning experience that reinforces the best qualities of your organization without breaking the bank.

Employee Training Made Easy with the Accord LMS

HR and Training departments can spend too much time managing mandatory employee training. The Accord LMS for corporate training and learning offers automation which eliminates the repetitive work of delivering and monitoring all types of training. Spend less time managing employee training while actually getting better results. Schedule a demo of this LMS for employee training and we'll show you how.

What can an LMS do for your corporate training and employee development?

Is your training program in chaos? Calm the storm with Accord LMS.

Drive up Sales

Studies show the more people know the better they sell. Get your employees learning more and more often via their device of choice.

Increase Learning

Most employees see training as a dull chore. Psych up your team by making learning a game they can play to win.

Streamline Reporting

Few things cause trainers more time and aggravation than reporting on what employees learn. Slash that time to seconds with automatic reports. 

It’s easy to do instructor-led training if employees are centrally located. With Accord LMS, we quickly ramped up to train a far-flung employee population to sell and support our technology.

 Bob Welty,  Program manager for Learning & Development at ZeOmega

Why Accord is the Best LMS for Employee Learning

The Accord LMS is unlike other employee learning management systems in many ways.


Mobile Learning

Put your workforce on the same page, regardless of where or how they work. Reach them on a mobile device, laptop or PC, anytime with our corporate LMS for employee training.

Feature-rich Affordability

eCommerce, mobile support, community features and more come at a price that competitors can’t match.  Flexible LMS administration features allow you to create custom learning experiences.

Automated Reporting

Involve the entire management team in  monitoring staff training goals.  Quickly create team compliance reports that automatically arrive in the email inboxes of team leaders.

Employee Learning Case Studies

Case Study

Company: Classical Conversations

Industry: Education

Learning: Employee / Customer

# of Learners: 10,000

Challenge: Classical Conversations is a global network of Christian communities and needed an LMS to consolidate, deliver and track their training content.

Case Study

Company: Fairbanks Scales

Industry: Technology

Learning: Employee / Compliance

# of Learners: 1,000

Challenge: Fairbanks was losing customers because its safety record had slipped. They needed a learner friendly LMS that integrated with their Microsoft SharePoint.

Case Study

Company: Health Prime International

Industry: Healthcare / Technology

Learning: Employee / Compliance

# of Learners: 500

Challenge: As HPI grew from 30 employees in Maryland to more than 500 in Florida, Georgia and India, HPI’s team needed to automate training without breaking the bank.

Case Study

Company: IMARC

Industry: Healthcare / Technology

Learning: Employee / Customer

# of Learners: 200

Challenge: IMARC wanted to monetize their existing training materials, but had no experience with employee learning management systems.

Case Study

Company: INTO University

Industry: Education

Learning: Employee / Compliance

# of Learners: 2,000

Challenge: INTO was required to train their employees to observe strict privacy regulations in Europe and the U.S. to avoid crushing penalties as high as £500,000.

Case Study

Company: Wisconsin Hospitality Group, LLC

Industry: Franchise / Hospitality

Learning: Employee / Channel

# of Learners: 5,000

Challenge: Onboarding 4,800+ new hires a year required substantial time and money.  WHG needed a cost effective e-learning system integrated with their existing branded sites.

Case Study

Company: ZeOmega

Industry: Healthcare / Technology

Learning: Employee / Customer

# of Learners: 1,000

Challenge: ZeOmega needed to substantially reduce the time and expense required to train employees, while increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

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