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The Accord LMS gives us the latitude to make training delivery and reporting fit our business needs, not the other way around.

 Mike Santiago,  Data Governance Manager for INTO University Partnerships Limited

INTO University's Story

Based in Brighton, U.K., and San Diego, Calif., INTO University Partnerships Limited forms joint ventures with top-ranked universities in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia to deliver students remarkable academic and cultural experiences. The partnerships that INTO forms broaden a university’s access to international students and develop programs to support international students’ learning needs. Among INTO’s goals is helping a university grow its population of students from abroad. 


To successfully place students in programs, INTO must acquire students’ personal data and handle and share it in accordance with strict privacy regulations in Europe and the U.S. Running afoul of these regulations can incur significant penalties for INTO. In the U.K., these fines can be as high as £500,000.

INTO’s 2,000 employees lacked a sufficient level of awareness about data compliance. And INTO’s managers wanted to ensure 100-percent understanding by its employees of U.S. and U.K. data privacy regulations.

INTO wanted technology that would report easily on training 


After launching the Accord LMS, INTO is now providing all its employees (from C-level executives to front-line workers) with a data compliance training program. Training is provided when on boarding new employees as well as bi-annually for existing employees. The multi-tenant features of the Accord LMS provide custom portals to multiple channels, not just compliance training for employees. 

The data protection training that INTO offers is now taken and understood by 100 percent of its 2,000 employees. Since implementing the Accord LMS, INTO has not had a single regulatory fine for breach of U.S. or European data privacy laws.

Industry: Education

Learning: Employee / Compliance

Live Since: 2014

# of Learners: 2,000

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