Health Prime International

We needed a structured LMS that would scale; one that we could use to easily report on whether or not all my employees finished HIPAA training by a certain date.

 Parag Shah,  President of Health Prime International.

HPI's Story

More than just another medical billing company, the team at Maryland-based Health Prime International provides practices with software for care coordination and care management.  


As HPI’s business grew from 30 employees in Maryland to more than 500 in Florida, Georgia and India, Shah and his team needed to automate training.

The training had to be consistent to ensure his team knew how to align the needs of providers with those of insurance payers and, ultimately, provide the kind of outreach that improved patient outcomes and reduced admissions and office visits.

Shah also had to stay in compliance with requirements related to HIPAA, OSHA and other government regulations that mandate the use of ICD-10, which the healthcare industry must use to code diseases, signs and symptoms as well as patient complaints. 


“The Accord LMS has definitely allowed us to expand training with fewer FTEs,” remarked Shah. “We have the same two people managing new-hires, but we’ve no need to increase beyond these people.”

According to Shah, the Accord LMS is managing 90 percent of HPI’s training program, and the company has been able to increase the number of training sessions provided to its team and clients.  

Added Shah, “When we prepare for an audit, we’re not spending hours of additional labor to find, organize and present certificates of completion. We do it in a few minutes with the reports in Accord LMS.”

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