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Accord LMS Goes Social

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The Accord LMS now offers seamless integration with the new social tools that ship with the latest 6.2 version of DotNetNuke (DNN).  Provide Learners with a Journal to aggregate all their communications. Provide Group access as part of Learning content enrollment. Track social contributions in the LMS utilization reports.

Social Collaboration

Evidence is mounting that social collaboration has real business benefit. Social intranets drive employee productivity and increased efficiency. Communities turn customers into advocates and help grow business.  The current 6.2 version of DotNetNuke provides the social tools businesses need to quickly build social networks.  Improved collaboration and communication increases employee productivity, turns customers into partners, lowers support costs and increases revenue opportunities.



Journal Activity Feed

The Journal is an activity feed, like the Facebook wall, which enables Learners to interact in a fashion that has been popularized by familiar social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. The Journal module can be placed on any DotNetNuke page and can be used to post and reply to status updates, tag users and share links, files, photos and videos.





Social Groups

DNN 6.2 fosters collaboration through the ability to create social interest groups. Users can join groups and share content with group members. Discussion forums can also be associated with social groups enabling members to ask and respond to questions and gain feedback on new ideas.






Learners can now form social relationships with any other member in their domain. Users can 'friend' and follow other users or groups.  They can also receive notifications which allow them to approve or reject new friends and followers.





Message Center

In addition to activity feed based communication users can also send and reply to private messages. DNN 6.2 includes an integrated messaging center that enables users to interact with other users or groups through messages that are similar to email.





Additional Features

Other social features in this release include customizable user profile pages, member directories and the ability to login with your Twitter, Facebook or Google credentials.  Please visit the DNN 6.2 Product Overview for more information and an informative video.



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