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Accord LMS Support: Tips for the Best Customer Experience

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Accord LMS Support:  Tips for the Best Customer Experience

The Accord LMS Support Team consistently receives five star ratings from satisfied customers. It is their mission and their passion to provide world class support to each of our clients. This article provides helpful customer service tips to ensure that our users have the most effective relationship with their Accord Support Team.


Available Resources

Your Sales Team

During your initial exploration of the Accord LMS, you are assigned a sales team. This team consists of a Solutions Consultant and a Sales Professional with extensive LMS experience. You can think of this team as your 'Concierge'. Your sales team will be your access point to every resource that Accord LMS has available. Your Sales Professional will help you to determine whether the Accord LMS will meet your training goals. The Solutions Consultant will provide practical examples and will also prepare an evaluation portal for your personal exploration while overseeing your initial LMS training. During the pre-sales period, this team will be your primary source of contact for all questions, concerns and requests.


Unlike many organizations you will maintain your relationship with this team throughout your relationship with Accord.  Your Solutions Engineer will continue to be a trusted guide and your Sales Professional will continue to be an advocate as any needs change over time.


Accord Support

Current Accord customers can access their support portal at https://support.accordlms.com. This website provides access to video tutorials, written documentation, a history of support tickets and the opportunity to submit a support ticket.

Support tickets are an important mechanism for communicating with our support team. A well formatted support ticket will help get your question answered or problem solved as quickly as possible. Tickets also serve as a potential reference for any similar issues which may arise. When support responds to a ticket, you will receive an email and an update in your support portal. 


Important Tips for Submitting a Ticket

Avoid One Sentence Tickets

The support team is good, but they aren’t mind readers. Please submit a full and complete explanation of the question or issue which you need addressed. Please bear in mind that they work with many customers and may not recall specific details which may be unique to your training environment. If system behavior is not what you expect, please explain the behavior you expect as well as the behavior that you are presently experiencing.

Providing as much detail as possible on the initial ticket will facilitate a complete resolution during the initial response. 


“John, the Marcom Specialist in Sue’s team is not getting the courses he should.”  
Our team will not be as familiar with your LMS configuration as you are. You are the expert in your own training environment. Although we might be able to find the data if there is only one John who is a Marcom specialist, it saves a great deal of time to provide specific usernames. Using unique usernames also avoids confusion in cases where users have similar names.


Important Details

If your question involves content delivery, it is important to explain how the content was assigned. If there was a Role involved, please provide the exact name of both the Role Group and the specific Role. It is also usually worth mentioning any specific Teams in which the user is a member.


Role Details

Roles are central to many of the most powerful features of the Accord LMS. They can be used to automate content delivery, set due dates and other important dates, assign membership to social learning forums and even change the appearance of the LMS for their members. If your question involves a Role, be sure to provide the Role Group and the specific Role Name. Our clients will frequently have many Roles with similar names and it can be difficult to ascertain the affected Learning Role without the exact name and location.


Catalog Terminology

There are many words used within the Learning and Development world to describe similar things. For example, the terms Module, Course and Chapter can mean different things in different contexts. A Course could be part of a Module or a Module could be located within a Course.

The Accord LMS has two types of content in the administrative catalog. There are folders which can hold other folders or Learning Elements. There are also standalone Learning Elements. There are several different types of folders and you are able to create custom folder types, but in the Accord LMS, all containers which are not Learning Elements are some type of folder.

Folders also exist in a hierarchical structure similar to your computer’s file structure. When referring to a specific item, it is best to use a complete path. For example;
'My Folders > HR Courses > Compliance 2021 > ScormLEName ' is preferable to "our new compliance module".


A Picture is worth 1000 words

A picture can be worth 1000 words. In this case, a picture of the object of your issue may save time and greatly simplify the process. Please do not take pictures of your screen with your phone. You will obtain much better images when using your computer’s built in Screen Capture tools. Most of these tools allow simple editing features to highlight specific areas on the image.  

Windows 10 users can activate Snip & Sketch by pressing Windows Logo - Shift - S to take a quick image of any section of your monitor. This section can then be pasted directly into your support ticket.


A Video can be worth 1000 more words

Sometimes a short Video capture of your process can be helpful. There are many tools available to quickly record your screen activity. One tool that is exceptionally useful is Techsmith Capture (formerly Jing). In addition to capturing the video, the tool can automatically upload the file to Screencast so that you can easily share links rather than attempting to email large video files. Capture also has the advantage of being free. 


Include the URL where you are experiencing the problem

The URL can generally be found at the top left of your browser. You can save this step by including the URL within your screenshot.

In Conclusion

If you have any questions about working with Accord Support resource, please contact your Accord Sales Team or Solutions Consultant. If you aren't yet a customer, our Learning Management professionals will be happy to discuss your project and help you to evaluate the Accord LMS as a valuable tool in your online learning strategy.


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