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Accord Learning Management System Pricing

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Accord Learning Management System Pricing

Accord's Flexible Pricing Model

Making an LMS cost comparison can be less than straightforward. What at first may appear to be a low cost Learning Management System can often become very expensive after adding necessary features or being charged unreasonable implementation fees. An important step in identifying a truly affordable Learning Management System is to understand the vendor’s LMS pricing model.

Accord LMS provides flexible pricing to suit each client’s unique requirements. There are several aspects to the pricing model for Accord's learning management system that will determine the final price. This article will help you quickly understand our pricing options and upon review we are confident you’ll agree that Accord LMS pricing is fair and affordable.


Registered Users are Free

It is valuable to understand that the Accord LMS is a Learning Management System that comes installed with a free content management system. Our clients may maintain an unlimited number of registered users at no additional cost. These registered users can access content, participate in forums, review their transcript, print certificates and take advantage of many other features of the system without it counting against the number of Active Learner licenses.


Active Learners are Reasonably Priced

When a Registered User interacts with tracked training material (e.g. an online course or Instructor Led Training session) this user becomes an Active Learner and will then be counted towards  the maximum number of Active Learners licensed thru Accord. Active Learners are priced within tiers. The following pricing example demonstrates three tiers for comparison. For a complete list of current pricing tiers for our e-learning platform, please contact Accord sales.


Max Learner Count


Price per Learner at Max












Active Learner Window

An Active Learner Window is the period of time for which a Learner is considered active. Once a Registered User has become an Active Learner they will remain active until the end of the current Active Learner Window (ALW). At the end of this time period, your Active Learner count will be reset to zero. Users automatically become Active Learners whenever they interact with tracked training material. By default, the Active Learner Window is a 12-month period which automatically resets on your license renewal date. 

In some cases it may be desirable to reset the number of Active Learners within a shorter time frame than 12 months. For instance, if you’re selling online courses which must be completed within a three month period, it may be desirable to reset the Active Learner Window every three months as well to allow for new learners. The Accord Sales Team can adjust the Active Learner Window to accommodate your scheduling needs.


Example: An online training program offers four sessions per year. Typically they seat 200 learners per quarter. The standard default ALW would require an 800 count Active Learner license. By reducing the ALW to 3 a month period, a 200-count user license will support the 800 Learners at 200 per quarter.   


  Default ALW vs. 3-month ALW



Portal Setup Fee

Accord assesses a one-time portal setup fee. Although the fee may vary based on specific client requirements, it is usually $2,000. This portal setup fee will include site branding and configuration as well as live product training. New clients also receive free and unlimited access to the Accord Academy, standard support resources, Accord online documentation, FAQs, reference videos and support technicians who are available M-F between 8:00am and 5:00pm EST.


Additional Services

Accord offers a Learning Management Package with all standard and enterprise LMS features already included in the base annual license price. In addition to the Learning Management Package we also have a number of other services available for nominal additional cost. These services include but are not limited to; Single Sign-on, SAML 2.0, eCommerce configuration, 7/24 support, site customization, concierge LMS administration and more. 


Please speak with one of our experienced LMS sales professionals to obtain a complete quote customized for your specific Learning Management needs. We are proud to demonstrate why the Accord LMS is the price and performance leader. You'll experience a difference with the pricing model for Accord's learning management system. For more information on best practices when purchasing an LMS, please download our white paper ‘Buying an LMS: Getting the most bang for your budget.


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