The deployment was very good, with no issues. Once we decided to go with Accord, we were able to get up and running in about a week.

 Scott Peterson,  Vice President of New Product Development for HIMSA

HIMSA's Story

The Hearing Instrument Manufacturers' Software Association (HIMSA), headquartered in Copenhagen Denmark, has the objective of developing, marketing and supporting Noah – a standard for integrated hearing care software.  Distributors are required to have their technical staff complete online training and receive certifications.  HIMSA’s internal technical support team also requires training. 


HIMSA wanted to provide standardized training and be able to track and certify their worldwide learner base.  They also wanted to make the system easy to use with a modern user interface that would promote utilization of their course content. HIMSA relies on their website to provide a variety of services to their distributors and wanted their learning management to be integrated as well.

When their previous LMS solution proved to be unstable, HIMSA decided to implement an integrated LMS training system in their company portal from the ground up, and fast.


Since Implementing the Accord LMS 4 years ago, HIMSA has trained thousands of learners at a much better ROI than the previous system. Peterson adds, “The distributors love the online system. When new support engineers start with a company the managers simply direct them to the training page on our web site”.

The seamless and tight integration that Accord provides, along with a modern and attractive user interface, has streamlined the learner experience. According to Peterson, "Accord has been very nice to work with. It works much better than the Adobe system and at a better price."

Industry: Healthcare / Education

Learning: Compliance / Channel

Live Since: 2013

# of Learners: 1,000

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