LMS Gamification

Encourage Learner engagement with Activity Points, Competency Badges and Leaderboards.

Make Learning a Rewarding Experience

Give your Learners extra encouragement with Accord 's gamification LMS features. Configure online and live training to award specific Activity Points when completed. Accord 's gamification LMS allows you to apply points towards custom competency Badges that reward and guide your Learner's focus. Leaderboards show group and individual progress. Advanced social features foster cooperation and team building. Our Learning management system gamification badge system is a fun and creative way to increase participation in your e-learning programs.

What is LMS Gamification?

It's all about Engagement.

Activity Points

Create custom Activity Points for your training program. Award any number or type of points whether it is watching a video, classroom training or passing a quiz.


Custom competency Badges award Learners for earning Points in specific Activities. Badges can confer real world rewards or simply acknowledge accomplishments.


Leaderboards indicate how Learner competencies are progressing. They may be grouped by Team or Social Group. Badges and Points are also shown on the Learner's profile.

​Accord LMS offers some of most extensive gamification capabilities I have come across in a long time.

 Craig Weiss,  CEO of E-Learning 24/7

Top Rated Gamification Features

Motivate your Learners


  • Create unlimited custom Activity Points
  • Award Activity Points for Completing or Passing Learning Elements
  • Create custom competency Badges based on number and type of Activity Points
  • Leaderboards show competency progress within Teams or Social Groups
  • View a Learner's Activity Points and Badges on their Profile
  • Activity Points and Badges can be awarded for accomplishments beyond the LMS
  • Advanced social features foster cooperation and team building
  • Facebook like Journal aggregates private Group discussions and posts from Friends
  • Create custom Certificates to award Course Completion
  • Gamified LMS available in a secure cloud hosted solution

Accord LMS - Cultivate Knowledge

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics to engage users in solving problems. It is used in applications and processes to improve user engagement, return on investment, data quality, timeliness, and learning.


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