Committee for Children

We have more data to show where we’ve implemented our programs because Accord’s reports indicate exactly how many teachers have taken our training.

 Ralph Brenner,  Senior Technology Architect at the Nonprofit Committee for Children

Committee for Children's Story

The Seattle-based, nonprofit Committee for Children creates social-emotional learning materials to help children from pre-school through eighth grade become better problem-solvers and students, while understanding and channeling their emotions toward safe and productive behavior. 


The Committee for Children’s previous learning platform was extremely difficult for users to navigate. The system lacked a single sign-on and the company had to repeatedly coordinate password resets, which impacted course completions. 

The Committee for Children also wanted an installed LMS that integrated with its content management system, so training managers could extract HR and learning data from a single source. 


“In our business, completions are the measure of our success,” says Ralph Brenner, senior technology architect at the Committee for Children. “In order to maximize the number of completions we must eliminate every point of friction or distraction for the learner experience – from our homepage through the entire training program. 

“We’ve been able to do that and more with the Accord LMS,” continues Brenner.

According to the Committee for Children consumer case study, its training team can now see with 100-percent accuracy the metrics for how long a learner was in a course and which areas of the course they focused their time on. 
As for learners experiencing issues accessing training content or assessments, the Accord LMS has reduced the number of those incidents to zero.

With the Accord LMS, Brenner says he has increased the speed and facility with which teachers and principals can help children because learners can now access the Committee for Children’s online assessments and training any time, any place and on any device.

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